Friday March 13 - La Hacienda Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Hilgenfeld

Friday March 13 - Truman Recreation Center - Instructor Sue Heller

Baby Bubbles - Gaye Teather (T)(New oldie)(x2)

Friday March 13 - La Hacienda Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Hilgenfeld

Friday March 13 - Sterling Heights Recreation Center - Instructor Dean Ouellette

All Bass No Treble (The Libertwins - Jonno & Alix Liberman)
American Kids (Randy Pelletier)
Come Dance With Me (Jo Thompson)
Cruisin' (Neil Hale)
Evergreen (Karen Hunn-Hadley)
Feeling Coolish (Mitzi Day & Lisa McCammon)
Girls In Luv (Remi Lemaire)
Memphis Grace (Ria Vos)
Red Hot Rock n Roller (Gaye Teather)
Timber (Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick)

Friday March 13 - Canal Street Recreation Center - Instructor Lisa McCammon

A Girl's Gotta Do by Kerry Maus NEW
Both by Dave Morgan & Jenny Stevenson
Crazy Too by Bob Bonett
Crystal Touch by Claire Bell & Maddison Glover
Good As You  by Michele and Michael
Half Past Tipsy  by Maddison & Rachael
I'm Over You by Julia Wetzel
Sweet Attraction by Kate Sala, Shelly Guichard, & Dee Musk NEW
When I Look In Your Eyes by Lola Miller NEW
Who's Up All Night?  by Brandon Zahorsky
Wintergreen by Maggie Gallagher

Friday March 13 - Rohan Recreation Center - Instructor Sandy McDonald

Thursday March 12 - Fish Hawk Recreation Center - Instructor Marianna Spence

Willpower – Robbie McGowan Hickie
I Still Love You – Lesley Stewart
Keep Young – Maggie Gallagher
Rivers of Babylon – John Bishop & Karen Wilkinson
Turn the Beat Around – Rob Fowler & Dee Musk
Betwixt – Vivienne Scott
Wintergreen – Maggie Gallagher
Foolish – Joshua Talbot & Jean Pierre Madge
The Belle of Liverpool – Audrey Watson
Crazy Too – Bob Bonett

Thursday March 12 - SeaBreeze Recreation Center - Instructor Helen Hamlett

Drinking Problem – Darren Bailey
Keep Young – Maggie Gallagher
Such a Night – Roger Neff
Story – Maddison Glover
Wintergreen – Maggie Gallagher
Caribbean Feeling – Joshua Talbot
Crazy Too – Bob Bonett
Backroad Nation – Diana Dawson
A Country High – Norman Gifford
Jukebox Jump – Robbie McGowan Hickie & Tony Vassell
Turn ‘er On – Lynne Martino
All I am is You – Julia Wetzel
Playing Tricks – Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris
A Long Way Home – Gordon Eliot
Nothing But You – Darren Bailey
Wagon Wheel Rock – Yvonne Anderson
Summertime Boys – Tina Argyle
Baby, I’m Torn – Julia Wetzel
S. T. One – Rachael McEnaney-White
Everybody Wanna – Tina Argyle
Back Together – Robbie McGowan Hickie
Dance Her Home – Rob Fowler
People Are Crazy – Gaye Teather

Thursday March 12 - Truman Recreation Center - Instructor Lola Miller

Tears I Cried – Karl-Harry Winson
Summertime Boys – Tina Argyle
Pot of Gold – Liam Hrycan
Crystal Touch – Maddison Glover & Claire Bell
Soak up the Sun – Ria Vos
Such a Night – Roger Neff
Adalaida – Gary O’Reilly
Hot Mama P – Rob Fowler
When I Look in your Eyes – Lola Miller

Thursday March 12 - Canal Street Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Hilgenfeld