Thursday May 16 - Laurel Manor Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Walter

Bored - Ria Vos           
I’m Ready to Roll – Lotte Irmgarth Hansen                           
A Better Man – Kim Ray     Demo/Teach:  A Better Man   / Teach/ Demo:  A Better Man

Thursday May 16 - Truman Recreation Center - Instructor Lola Miller

Let's Fool Around - Mal Jones
Strait to the Bar - Dan Albro
Reason to Stay - Judy Rodgers
Codigo - Pat Stott
Home To You - Maggie Gallagher
Never Growing Up - Simon Ward, Vivienne Scott, Maddison Glover
I Ain't Crazy - Roger Neff
Cherry Bomb - Rob Fowler
Remember These Words - Gaye Teather
Through the Night - Roger Neff
Waiting for a Long Time - Daniel Trepat, Ivonne Verhagen, et al.
Another Night - Alice Daugherty & Tim Hand - NEW
Keep Dancing - Pat Stott
Yes M'am, No M'am - Ria Vos
Homesick for You - Gaye Teather
All She Left - Rob Holley
Like She Used To - Hayley Wheatley

Thursday May 16 - Canal Street Recreation Center - Instructor Jan Hilgenfeld

Simply The Best - M Glover & R McWhite (T)
Pieces - Dustin Betts 

Thursday May 16 - Lake Miona Recreation Center - Instructor Darlene Burdin

Thursday May 16 - SeaBreeze Recreation Center - Instructor Helen Hamlett

Marilyn LeMire subbing for Helen Hamlett
All I Am Is You (Julia Wetzel)
American Kids (Randy Pelletier)
Better In Boots (Gail Smith)
Big Blue Tree (Ria Vos) 
Brokenhearted (Gary Lafferty)
Champagne Promise (Tina Argyle)
Cherry Bomb (Rob Fowler)
Codigo (Pat Stott)
Down To The Honky Tonk (Stephen Pistoia)
Drinking Problem (Darren Bailey)
Goodbye For Now (Jose Miguel Belloque Vane)
Homegrown (Rachel McEnaney)
Homesick For You (Gaye Teather)
I’m On a Roll (Rob Holley)
Keep It Simple (Maggie Gallagher)
Lonely Blues (Rachel McEnaney-White)   NEW  TEACH
Lonely Drum (Darren Mitchell)
Lonely Lovers (Maddison Glover)
My New Life (John Offermans)
Now You Know (Carol Cotherman)
People Are Good (Gary O’Reilly)
You Are The Reason Baby (Alison Johnstone)